INCA Remotex

  • DOS program runs in a Windows - XP or newer - DOS Box
  • UNIX program runs in a Windows - XP or newer - machine via your favorite telnet emulator

  • Make an ascii report, where fields are separated by commas, and load it automatically on Excel.
  • Make an ascii report, containing some HTML tags, and ask Internet Explorer or whatever your favorite WEB browser is, to print it or first display it on screen.
  • Considering the above example, your ascii report can contain references to images.
  • And, your ascii report may finally take the form of a pricelist including colour images of the referenced items or your ascii report could be a list of your employees along with their photos.
  • All this, from your DOS or UNIX program, without any new tools to buy or to learn or to program.
  • Worrying about character sets OEM to Windows conversion ?
    This is done automatically.
  • Your DOS application may be written in any language you wish.

UNIX program running on a diffirent machine!

  • Suppose you have an application on the Windows machine that controls a specific machine (e.g. an automatic door).
    You can not port this program to the UNIX host, but you still need the UNIX host to be able to control when and how this application runs.
  • Yes, you can start the Windows application from your UNIX host whenever you want and also pass to it all the information you want.
  • Another example:

    You can send to any Windows 95 terminal a visual or sound message from your UNIX host.

No need to know exactly what Windows application to start for your data

  • You can have Windows to decide, based on the extension of the file you pass them to open OR to print.
  • Example: your DOS or UNIX program can produce an ascii file called myfile.txt and ask Windows to print it. Windows will possibly load Notepad for this reason, and immediately use the Default Printer to print it.