INCA SPOOLER for Windows

Make your DOS programs print via the Windows printers

  • Benefit from the thousands of printers working under Windows, no matter of their type, ie.laser, inkjet, dot matrix, etc.
  • Include in your printout drawing-line chars. (IBM 437 char. set over-128 ascii extensions).
  • Greek users: Use any Windows font that supports Greek 928, to print your Greek 437 ascii text.
  • Use many fonts at the same document.
  • All fonts are converted to FIXED WIDTH, so that all characters printed occupy the same space.
  • Print in the usual density of dot matrix printers, 10 cpi, 12 cpi, 17 cpi, 20 cpi, and for height 6 lpi, but also in any other analysis you wish (eg. 14 cpi, 8 cpi, ...), on all kinds of printers, laser, ink jet, dot matrix, etc.
  • Print using auto-density settings, horizontal and vertical, based on the total number of chars. you wish to print per line and/or the total number of lines you wish to print per page. Ie. you can print on an A4 page or on 11 x 8 1/2 or any other paper dimension you wish, 66 lines or 60 lines or 61 lines etc. and 120 or 80 or 81 or 75 etc. columns.
  • Your DOS application may be written in any language you wish.
  • The only requirement is that it can run in a Windows 95 or Windows 3.x DOS Box.

You can also use Windows printers from your Unix applications !!!

  • Just connect a Windows machine on your UNIX TCP/IP Network.
  • Yes, you can also print over the Internet, even from a HTML page. All you need is an IP address that can be reached from the Unix (the sender) side.

And of course, you can send an ascii file to be printed (or faxed) from the DOS or UNIX command line

  • You may also send the output of another program/command to be printed using operating system pipes.