INCA Hellas was established in 1995, by people cooperating with Fuzitsu-Siemens (formely Nixdorf Computer AG and then Siemens-Nixdorf).

Since then, it has continuously been developing software for system integration, as well as a suite of commercial applications for the Greek users.

Since 1996 it has been evolved in Internet application development and other Internet Services.

The company first entered the international market in the middle of 1996, with INCA Spooler. Since then, it has also achieved to enter other products and services in the international market.

Since 1/1/1999 it operates in its own installations, at Mavromihali 22, Thessaloniki, Greece.

In 2003 it introduced TaxSpooler, a unique software for the Greek taxation system, thus becoming the official solution for SAP Hellas, ORACLE Hellas, IBM Hellas, and others...

Today, company specializes in all kind of printing solutions, document handling, mobile business solutions, taxation systems.

The company also develops solutions for the Food and Beverages retail industry as well as reservations solutions for both F&B industry and Theaters too.

The company develops solutions for sole O/S as well as inter-O/S integration solutions, such as printing from AS/400 or Unix systems to Windows printers, etc.

The company also strongly cooperates with other ones abroad, exporting technology on WEB printing solutions and Internet access control.

Στοιχεία (GR)

Συστήματα πληροφορικής   
Μαυρομιχάλη 22, 54248 Θεσσαλονίκη
ΑΦΜ: 095356917
Αρ.ΓΕΜΗ: 038355105000