WowTyp - Print HTML pages on windows printer from command line, without user interference

What is it

WowTyp lets you print HTML pages from command line, without user interference.

Without user interference means that while you can specify the target printer from the command line, there will be no dialog box asking you for this.


WowType uses Internet Explorer's engine to perform its tasks, so you just rely on the IE version installed in your system.

How does it work
  • You can print either a local Web page or a remote one received via http protocol.
    In general, you can ask the program to print anything you can type in IE location bar.
  • You can print to any windows printer referenced in Windows Printers Control panel.
  • You can use the program directly from command line or with a system call from within another program.
Requirements on printing workstation
  • Operating system Windows XP (Home/Pro) or newer.
  • Installed .NET framework 3.5 or newer.
  • Installed Internet Explorer.
  • Installed Windows printer.

Program is released under the MIT license, which means you can use for free for either personal or commercial use. Copyright is held by INCA Hellas Ltd.
However there is an exception: a small band referencing WowTyp and INCA Hellas is printed at the end of printout.
If you want this band to be removed, you must "unlock" the program by obtaining an unlock key.


Download INCA Hellas WowTyp here

  1. Have installed .NET framework 3.5 (or newer).
  2. Have installed Internet Explorer.
  3. Have installed a Windows printer.
  4. Download and install INCA Hellas WowTyp.
Syntax help

WowTyp -f filename|url [-p printername] [-r [x]] [-nc]

  • -f filename|url: filename or url to print.
  • -p printername: printername to use.
  • -r x: reset default printer after x seconds; default is "do not reset"; if -r is specified, x default value is 10 seconds
  • -nc: do not close program at end.

WowTyp -f "c:\tmp\my files\file1.htm" -p "Hp LaserJet 1200" -r